Trainer of the Month – August 2019

PUBLISHED: 17 September 2019

TOM Aug 19

One of the most popular jockeys in South Africa during his riding career, MJ finally decided to give his much-battered body a rest and switch from riding to training them. During the month under review and 15 years after being the champion jockey of South Africa, he saddled and sent out his very first winner as a trainer.

Many tributes about his dedication to doing his best for his trainer and owners which over the years saw him undergoing 24 operations after accidents resulting in about 19 broken bones, as well as his friendliness as a jockey have poured in, supported by goodwill wishes for his training career which will be echoed around the country. A colourful character, his presence on the country’s racecourses as a trainer will add to the general enjoyment of the sport.

Well done MJ and welcome back to racing.