TAB launches Daily Double

PUBLISHED: 08 August 2019


The 2019-20 horseracing season has started and TAB is making changes to its betting menu for the new season.

Betting turnovers highlight that the R1-unit Rolling Double on all consecutive races at South African race meetings holds little appeal for the majority of TAB customers.

Consequently, Rolling Doubles on local races will fall away from Friday, 9 August, and be replaced by a Daily Double with a R6 unit.

The first leg of the Daily Double on South African meetings will always be the race after the first Jackpot leg. Thus, on a nine-race programme the Daily Double will be on Races 6 and 7 with the BiPot starting on Race 2, the Place Accumulator on Race 3 and the Pick 6 and Jackpot on Races 4 and 5 respectively.

The Daily Double should put the spotlight on the big race at most local meetings because it will normally incorporate the main event. That coupled with a R6 unit, which should ensure significant payouts and will hopefully re-energise the bet and renew its appeal to TAB customers.

The Daily Double will also be added to the betting menu for selected international race meetings screened on Tellytrack. When the Daily Double is offered on such international race meetings, it will always be on the last two races with the exception of Dubai, Mauritius, Kenya and Zimbabwe. Those four countries will be treated identically to South African meetings with the race after the first Jackpot leg forming the first leg of the Daily Double.