Sturgeon permanently booked off

PUBLISHED: 22 August 2019

Ian Sturgeon (Nkosi Hlophe)

Jockey Ian Sturgeon was booked off permanently from riding in April this year due to a hip problem but is already thriving in various business ventures.

Sturgeon was found to have a labrum tear as well as tears in the joint capsule and joint ligament.  

Ian Sturgeon (Nkosi Hlophe)
Ian Sturgeon (Nkosi Hlophe)

He was operated on three times without success and still experiences some pain and discomfort just from walking around.

However, this has not stopped him playing golf at least once a week.

He and his girlfriend Clare Steele have started a pre-training centre in Hammarsdale.

They are building a new track and hope to increase their clientele, which to date has included Robbie and Shannon Hill and Kevin and Alyson Wright.

Sturgeon has also started a paving business whose headquarters will shortly be moving to Hillcrest.

During his jockey years he completed his qualifications in pest control and has taken over some of the business his father started in this industry.

He said, “It is a tough economic climate but, like jockeyship or anything else, if you have the right attitude you will be alright.”

By David Thiselton