Scottsville Wednesday 05/06/2019

PUBLISHED: 12 June 2019

Andrew Harrison

Barrier Trial Scottsville Turf 05/06/2019 1000m

First Trial

1st Winter Chill (A Mgudlwa G B Puller) keen early and covered up. Moved through smoothly. Smart trial  58.86 

2nd Maidens Prayer (S Veale D R Drier) good, steady pace throughout. Kept in well.  0.10 58.88 

3rd Matterhorn (* A Arries A Wright) kept together early. Green. Quickened nicely. Smart trial. 4.00 59.52 

4th Throw A Tantrum (M Yeni D C Howells) pace, hanging. Not striding out.   4.10 59.54 

5th Gibral De Roche (IRE) (W Kennedy G van Zyl (Jnr)) pace. Hit a Hadedha. Ridden out. 59.64 

6th Nog ‘n Dingetjie (M Khan L Forbes) jumped out. Hanging in. Green. Ridden out. 59.74 

7th Stormy Winter (* J Gates -2.5 kg L W Goosen) nice big action. Green. Ran on nicely. Watch.   6.45 59.88 

8th Bella Doro (E S Ngwane P M Gadsby) jumped out. Quick action. Ridden out.   8.55 60.24 

9th Brigade (S Randolph P M Gadsby) very green. Never in it. 60.26 

10th Cavartina (G Wright A J Rivalland) early pace but faded steadily.   10.60 60.54

11th Vision To Glory (* T Gumede -4 kg P V Lafferty) jumped in. Outpaced. Never in it.   14.60 61.17 

Second Trial

1st Torrent (* J Jacobs -4 kg P V Lafferty) jumped in. Pace, quick action. Stayed on nicely.   0 59.18 

2nd Arianos Spinner (G Wright R/S Hill) big action. Pace. Ran on nicely. 0.25 59.24 

3rd Rock Emblem (M Khan P V Lafferty) jumped out. Pace. Green. Hanging in.  Fair effort. 0.25 59.24 

4th Astute Vision (A Mgudlwa G B Puller) hampered at start. Pace, hanging in. Very green.   2.50 59.67 

5th Macallan (* A Arries A Wright) pace. Hampered late. Stayed on. 3.40 59.81 

6th Great Guy (* L J Ferraris G B Puller) held together early. Needs ground.  5.15 60.06 

7th Streets Of Fire (S Randolph A J Rivalland) some pace. Awkward action. 7.95 60.55 

8th Uptown Funk (* T Gumede -4 kg L W Goosen) outpaced throughout.   9.45 60.75 

9th Sherwinz Joy (E S Ngwane P M Gadsby) green. Hanging in. Weak effort.   12.45 61.24 

10th Apples (D Dillon P M Gadsby) very green. Never in it.   12.95 61.33

By Andrew Harrison