Scottsville Sunday 31/03/2019

PUBLISHED: 04 April 2019

Andrew Harrison

Barrier Trial Scottsville Turf 31/03/2019 800m 1st trial

1st Katie’s Treasure (B Lerena P V Lafferty) Solid filly. Finished off well.  46.51 

2nd Rose Moon (J L Samuel D W Moore) On the leg, light-framed, but showed good pace. 1.60 46.74 0

3rd Glory Days (M Khan L Forbes) bandages both front. Green, stayed on well.   3.50 47.02 0

4th Walnut (W Kennedy G H Van Zyl) solid gelding. Plenty of condition. Early pace but coasted home.  3.90 47.08 0

5th Prince Of Persia (* K Sakayi -1.5 kg G S Kotzen) Well put together scopey colt. Squeezed out at the start. Very green but one to follow.   3.95 47.09 0

6th Talia Al Ghul (*M Mjoka -1.5 kg P M Gadsby) close coupled. Hampered at the start. Pace but very green.   4.45 47.17 0

7th Palace House (*Y Ramzan -4 kg M L Roberts) Nice, well-balanced colt. Green but showed pace. Through the hands last furlong.  4.95 47.24 0

8th Up River (ARG) (G Wright R/S Hill) bandages both front. Punched out. Green.   5.45 47.33 0

9th Mighty Sandstorm (*J Jacobs -4 kg P V Lafferty)   Green. Punched out. Out-paced last furlong. 8.55 47.78 0

10th Straight Shooter (* J Gates -2.5 kg M L Roberts) Quality gelding. On his toes.  Slowly away. Very green. 8.80 47.81 0

11th Saipan (* X Jacobs -4 kg D C Howells) Quality gelding. Very green.   8.90 47.85 0

12th Cavalieri (E S Ngwane G S Kotzen) Carried plenty of condition. Very, very green.  10.90 48.15 0

13th Tidal Force (S Moodley M D Miller) Big solid colt. Jumped sideways. Green. Ridden along.    12.50 48.37 0

14th The Pie Lady (J Barnes J G Dittmer) Light-framed leggy filly. Jumped inwards. Early pace before fading.  12.55 48.39 0

15th Father Time (* L J Ferraris L W Goosen) Scopey gelding. Got worked up in the preliminaries. Very tardy start with apprentice swinging on his mouth.  13.05 48.47 0

2nd Barrier Trial

1st Into The Future (S Veale R/S Hill) Very green. Ridden at throughout. 46.4 0

2nd Coddiwomple (* J Gates -2.5 kg L W Goosen) Speedy looking filly. Big stride. Pace, very green.   0.05 46.41 0

3rd Tango Time (* J Jacobs -4 kg M L Roberts) well-muscled big filly. Big stride. Ran on smartly. One to follow. 2.15 46.7 0

4th Mighty Smart (K de Melo P V Lafferty) Immature grey. Green. Punched out all the way. May need ground.   2.65 46.8 0

5th Poinciana (B Lerena G S Kotzen) Some growing to do. Green. Ridden out.  4.25 47 0

6th Edo Furin (M Khan P V Lafferty) Light framed colt.  Very green. 6.15 47.3 0

7th Jack’s Bird (* Y Ramzan -4 kg M L Roberts) Solid, scopey filly. Early pace. Held together. Should progress from this.  6.40 47.35 0

8th Mary O (E S Ngwane L Forbes) bandages all four. Green. Never really in it.  6.65 47.4 0

9th Royal Salute (S Moodley K Naidoo) Looked stripped but outpaced early and very green.  9.15 47.8 0

10th Pixie Belle (* L J Ferraris M Dixon) Small filly. Early pace. Ran through to the line.  9.40 47.83 0

3rd Barrier Trial

1st Her Royal Majesty (B Jacobson Y Govender) Stripped. Good pace and punched out. 45.71 0

2nd Ice Imperial (S Veale D R Drier) Quality filly. Carrying condition. Slow out but cruised to the line. One to follow. 9.20 47.23 0

3rd Elementary (* J Gates -2.5 kg L W Goosen) Speedy looking gelding.   Green, hanging in. 9.70 47.31 0

4th Arizona Silk (J Barnes N Kotzen) Racey but lacks a bit of substance. Very green.  10.70 47.44 0

5th Cape Doctor (G Wright R/S Hill) S  Small gelding. Pace, green. Tired last bit.  10.95 47.5 0

6th Filantropo (J L Samuel M L Roberts) Hanging in, green, held together.  57 7 6   11.00 47.51 0

7th Camelots Beauty (M Khan P V Lafferty) On the small side. Plenty of condition. Green. Running around.  11.25 47.54 0

8th Lagacio (* K Sakayi -1.5 kg G S Kotzen) Immature but plenty of substance.  Very green. 11.75 47.62 0

9th Grey Linngari (S Moodley P V Lafferty) Carrying lots of condition.  Green. Hanging in for company. 11.80 47.63 0

10th Amber Forever (* M Mjoka -1.5 kg M L Roberts) Scopey filly. May need ground. Early pace, green, faded out.  11.85 47.66 0

11th Leicester Square (* X Jacobs -4 kg G S Kotzen) On the leg. Very slow start. May need ground.   12.65 47.78 0

12th Russian Beauty (* J Jacobs -4 kg G S Kotzen) Ridden out but made little impression. 14.75 48.12 0

13th Fortified (* L J Ferraris M L Roberts) Green. No finish. 15.50 48.23 0

14th Winter Sun (* Y Ramzan -4 kg M L Roberts) Big filly. Carrying plenty of condition.  Showed pace before tiring. 16.00 48.31 0

By Andrew Harrison