Scottsville Sunday 12/05/2019

PUBLISHED: 14 May 2019

Andrew Harrison

Barrier Trial Scottsville Turf 12/05/2019 1000m

1st Gabor (B Lerena G H Van Zyl) Good pace throughout. Smart trial.   0 58.02 0

2nd Dancing Feather (W Kennedy G H Van Zyl) Slow out but showed pace throughout. Smart trial.   0.05 58.03 0

3rd Horoscope Harry (* L J Ferraris G van Zyl (Jnr)) kept wide and out of trouble. Finished off nicely.   6.85 59.01 0

4th Noble Flight (S Moodley P V Lafferty) green. Early pace. Ridden out.  7.55 59.12 0

5th Forest Jump (* K Sakayi -1.5 kg D W Moore) Lead pony. Very green but stayed on well.  7.60 59.13 0

6th Straight Up (C Zackey D C Howells) smart colt. Settled in early. Ran on well.  7.85 59.19 0

7th Masters Beauty (S Veale D R Drier) Ridden at early. Showed pace before gearing down. May need ground.   9.75 59.48 0

8th Gilded Age (* J Jacobs -4 kg P V Lafferty) showed early. Green. Out-paced late.  10.15 59.55 0

9th Kings Counsel (S Brown J G Dittmer) Some early pace. Green. No finish.  11.65 59.81 0

10th Rougaille (T Godden D R Drier) Settled in early. Stayed on nicely. Looking for further?  13.15 60.03 0

11th Magari (A Mgudlwa G B Puller) Hampered at start. Ridden at but faded steadily.  14.40 60.22 0

12th The Westerner (E S Ngwane P L Lunn) Jumped sideways. Early ace but very green and faded steadily.  18.50 60.87 0

Scottsville Barrier Trial 2

1st Rampancy (S Veale D R Drier) Good pace throughout. Kept hard to her task and finished off nicely.   0 58.55 0

2nd Smiley Kylie (* D Schwarz G van Zyl (Jnr)) Green. Hanging in. Good pace and finished off well. One to watch.   0.05 58.56 0

3rd Yoshida (S Randolph W Whitehead) Solid filly. Good pace throughout and finished off well.   0.30 58.59 0

4th Transonic (G Wright W Badenhorst) Strong gelding with plenty of substance. Good pace but looks like he may need further.   5.40 59.41 0

5th Down To Earth (D Dillon C D van Zyl) Slight, light framed. Early pace. Geared down.   6.10 59.52 0

6th Dark Moon Down (K de Melo P V Lafferty) Small. Always chasing.  7.60 59.74 0

7th Inn A Minute (S Moodley G B Puller) Green. Not asked for much.   7.65 59.75 0

8th Great Guy (* L J Ferraris G B Puller) Nice colt. Bred to stay. Ran along in the hands.   9.75 60.25 0

9th Mission Beach (T Godden D R Drier) Needs to furnish. Slow, green, always chasing.   12.55 60.71 0

10th Black Mountain (C Zackey D C Howells) Smart colt. Slow out. Early pace. Not asked for an effort.   12.60 60.97 0

11th Miss Marmalade (W Kennedy G H Van Zyl) Light framed leggy filly. Very green. Hanging in.   14.20 61.03 0

12th World Without End (S Brown G H Van Zyl) Very green. Rousted along but never going well.   15.80 61.23 0

13th Golden Duck (* T Gumede -4 kg P V Lafferty) Bandaged all four. Never in it.   18.00 61.61 0

By Andrew Harrison