About Scottsville


Scottsville Racecourse is situated in Pietermaritzburg, the Capital of KwaZulu-Natal and is a pleasant, scenic and easy 50 minute drive from Durban.

The track is right handed, oval shaped, and approximately 2300 metres in circumference with a banked turn allowing easy transition into the home straight with a 550 metre run in. Scottsville also has a 1200 metre straight course. A moveable rail allows for an interchangeable home stretch for races longer than 1200 metres.

Scottsville’s modern facilities incorporate all the very best in racecourse comfort, elegance and intimacy, and patrons are offered a wide choice of restaurants and bars in which to enjoy top class racing.

The Golden Horse Casino is conveniently “attached” to the back of the Scottsville Grandstand allowing both racing and casino customers easy access to both facilities.