Scottsville Wednesday 05/09/2018

PUBLISHED: 11 September 2018

Andrew Harrison

Barrier trial analysis Scottsville 1000m poly 05/09/2018

1st Run Rhino Run 7 b g (Moodley – Robinson) looked well enough in the paddock but again difficult to restrain in his trial and led all the way. 58.09 secs.

2nd Via Salaria 3 b c (Veale – Drier) on the leg and quite lightly framed. Galloped green but ran on smartly. 2.50  58.54 secs

3rd Om Jay 3 b g (Jacobson – Rich) winter coat and on the small side. Ear-muffs on. Showed early pace be fore tiring late. 4.25 58.85 secs.

4th Silent Obsession 5 b g (X Jacobs – Howells) 0nly has one eye. Looked well enough in the paddock and had a good blow-out over a distance well sort of his best. 5.75 59.13 secs.

5th Tristful 3 b c (B. Lerena – Rivalland) nice horse with scope but looked under-done. Ran on nicely in a promising trial. 5.80 59.14 secs.

6th Friend Zone (Sakayi – Dittmer) on the small side and sporting a winter coat. Green. Ridden out the last two furlongs.7.80 59.5 secs.

7th Netanya 3 b f (Randolph – Whitehead) nice filly with lots of scope. Will probably need ground. Green. Ran on nicely when pushed out.  8.05 59.55 secs.

8th Power Pitch 3 b f (Samuel – Whitehead) not big and carrying plenty of conditions. Difficult at the gate and loaded with a hood. Ridden to the line. 10.55 60.02 secs.

9th Pilot Route 4 b g (Gates – Wright) mature scopey gelding. Will probably need much further. Green and ridden out the last 400m. 13.55  60.59 secs.

10th Manolete 3 b c (Ferraris – Drier) nice colt with scope but coltish in the paddock. Very slow to begin. Just went through the motions. 19.30 61.72 secs.

11th Kitty Chan 3 b f  (Ntuli – Drier) nice filly with scope. Not asked for much of an effort. 19.40 61.74 secs.

2nd Barrier Trial.

1st Pickawinner 3 b g (Yeni – Howells) good pace throughout but geared down the last furlong or so. 58.98 secs.

2nd Twice Over Satin 3 ch f (Randolph – Whitehead) nice filly but galloped green. Ran on nicely. 0.25 59.02secs.

3rd Unilateral 3 b f (Pagel – Goosen) galloped green. Showed early and ridden out to the line. 0.30 59.03 secs.

4th Glitterock  4 b c ran on nicely from just off them. (Ngwane – Robinson 3.30 59.58 secs.

5th Land Of Mystery 3 b c (Veale – Drier) nice scope colt. Slow to begin and galloped green. Ran on nicely. Useful trial. 3.80 59.67 secs.

6th Bint El Malak 3 ch f (Moodley – Lafferty) nicely put together and balanced filly. Handy and stayed on nicely in a promising trial. 4.55 59.81 secs.

7th Dallas 3 ch g (Ramzan – Roberts) stocky gelding. Galloped green and not asked to show much as he went steadily backwards. 6.30 60.13 secs.

8th Kewpie Doll 3 b f (Gates – Nel) lightly framed filly. One-paced throughout. 7.30 60.31 secs.

9th Thrace 3 ch c (Samuel – Dittmer) laid back colt. Slow and green. Showed early but very backward. 7.80 60.42 secs.

10th Bud The Spud 3 b g (Arries – Rivalland) solidly built gelding. Handy early but only went through the motions. 10.80 60.99 secs.

11th Magical Java 3 ch f (Ntuli – Drier) bit hot in the preliminaries. Galloped green and not asked to show much.13.80 61.57 secs.

By Andrew Harrison

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