Owner of the Month – August 2017

PUBLISHED: 19 October 2017

Team G Racing

Team G Racing Syndicate

The Gold Circle Owner Award for the month of August has been bestowed on the Team G Racing Syndicate – nominee G H van Zyl

The syndicate was established about six years ago by trainer Gavin van Zyl to enable racing enthusiasts to become involved in the sport as owners without having to outlay large sums of money. It was an immediate success and at one stage had about 120 members.

Explaining the motivation behind the venture, Gavin said it was a vehicle to introduce new blood into racing. “It was to show that one did not have to be a millionaire to become involved as an owner and that the ordinary man in the street could enjoy the excitement and privileges of an owner and, apart from the fun of it, possibly make some money”.

The most positive result of the syndicate, he says, is that many former syndicate members have gone on to take out their own colours and become owners in their own right, racing horses in partnerships or in their own colours.

“It has been very successful and the syndicate has had more than 100 winners,” Gavin said.

During the month Team G Racing enjoyed three winners and looks forward to many more.

Well done Team G

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