Quick return for De Melo

PUBLISHED: 11 January 2017

Jockey Keagan de Melo escaped with soft tissue bruising after a nasty fall on Kinshasa on the Greyville poly on Monday and expects to be back for Greyville’s Friday night meeting.

In the second race Kinshasa suddenly staggered sideways towards the inside rail before falling over, throwing De Melo on to the poly surface.

On course staff feared the worst for the horse and a screen was erected. However, he was found by the on course veterinarian to have suffered a pulmonary haemorrhage (bleeding), albeit a massive one.

Kinshasa has duly been suspended from racing in accordance with the rules relating to bleeding.

De Melo said he was feeling “tender” yesterday, but was due to begin a physiotherapy programme to repair the damage.

By David Thiselton