Owner of the Month – December 2019

PUBLISHED: 06 February 2020

Mr and Mrs Avison and Mary Carlisle

Avison and Mary Carlisle were introduced to the wonderful sport of horseracing by their life- long friends Scotch Ferrie and Robert Smith in the mid 80’s and they have never looked back. They are registered breeders and owners in South Africa. Mary is a retired housewife and proud grandmother and Avison is although retired, the Chairman of the South African Jockey Academy and manages his son Kuyan’s Kinmount Farm and the Kinmount Syndicates finances which keeps him very busy and is in fact a full time job! Avison is also a very proud grandparent. Most of the members of the Kinmount Syndicate are members of the Carlisle family but Gary De Bufanos, Graham Griffin and Dr James McAllister are proudly part of the team too.

Gold Circle and the entire team wish Mr and Mrs Carlisle and the members of the Kinmount Syndicate all the very best and many winners to come!