Clouds Unfold (Liesl King)

Front and Centre is all business

PUBLISHED: December 13, 2018

Front And Centre is 2-1 favourite with the sponsors despite having raced at a lower level than the likes of Clouds Unfold…

Anton Marcus (Liesl King)

Marcus marks a milestone

PUBLISHED: December 13, 2018

Marcus’s milestone went almost unnoticed until Arnold Hyde, stepped out of the woodwork yesterday to present Marcus with a memento…

Strawberry Pavlova (JC Photographics)

Flower in bloom for Ferraris

PUBLISHED: December 12, 2018

There is a ready made banker in the first leg of the PA over 1600m in the form of Blossom who is impeccably bred being by Silvano…

Hawwaam (JC Photographics)

Punters to wait on Hawwaam

PUBLISHED: December 12, 2018

Everyone rightly expected Hawwaam to take on Vaughan Marshall’s One World and the other classic contenders but at the end of the day…

One World (Liesl King)

Marshall bids for third successive Guineas

PUBLISHED: December 12, 2018

“He doesn’t have to be in front and actually I would prefer it if he got a lead,” says Marshall. “But he has done everything we have asked of him…