Rainbow Bridge (Liesl King)

Rainbow Bridge raring to go

PUBLISHED: January 28, 2020

Big race jockey Ryan Moore is globe-trotting at present and Sands was not sure whether he would arrive in time to sit on Rainbow Bridge before Saturday…

Adrian Todd (hamishNIVENPhotography)

Direct exports expected for Europe

PUBLISHED: January 28, 2020

“Audits in any sector seldom return flawless results and nobody ever gets a 100% clear report. There will be additional recommendations from the EU team…

Hawwaam (JC Photographics)

De Kock pleased with Hawwaam’s draw

PUBLISHED: January 28, 2020

De Kock said about the draw, “At least from draw 12 Anton Marcus will not have to think about getting away from the rail, he will already be away from it…

Kasimir (Liesl King)

Team Snaith going to have a big one

PUBLISHED: January 28, 2020

“If I had to pick a horse for the day I think Kasimir is a huge runner in the Cape Flying Championship,” he told this writer. “He needed his first run back.

David Thiselton

Vaal Tuesday Tips and Race Previews

PUBLISHED: January 28, 2020

Vaal Tuesday January 28 Tips and Race Previews by David Thiselton…