Jockey of the Month – October 2019

PUBLISHED: 19 November 2019

Jockey Oct 19

The Gold Circle Jockey Award for the month has been awarded to Warren Kennedy

There is no doubt that Warren is the man of the moment among the riders in South African racing and he is certainly taking advantage of every opportunity he gets.

He has been in action in the country for a long time having ridden his first winner, Broadway Boulevard, at Arlington in Port Elizabeth in August, 2003, competing over the years against some of the greatest riders this country has produced. Getting rides was not the easiest thing for the son of the former jockey, the late Terrance Kennedy, but determination and dedication ensured that his day would come.

Now he rides the crest of the wave and a whole bag full of winners confirming the fact that he has always had the talent, he just needed the opportunity. This month he rode 14 winners, nearly double that of his nearest rivals, with another 21 of his 42 mounts finishing in the money.

An excellent performance so well-done Warren.