Jockey of the Month – March 2019

PUBLISHED: 05 April 2019

Jockey March 2019


The Gold Circle Jockey Award for the month has been bestowed on Sean Veale

There are many stories of “comeback kids” in racing and that of Sean has proven to be one of the best of them as he re-organised his life and threw his heart fully into his testing career as a racehorse jockey.

Starting out as “young boys” in this high-profile profession, the possibility always exists of some being carried away by the glamour and glitz that is part of the racing scene and they lose direction.

Sean refocused and given the opportunities showed he is one of the most competitive and talented riders in the country. When his name appears next to a runner that has shown potential, more often than not that runner performs well whether winning or not.

During the month Sean shared the rider honours with Lyle Hewitson, each riding 13 winners with Sean adding 16 places to his overall tally and proving profitable to those who followed him with a R29.20 profit where a R1 win bet was wagered on each of his 60 rides.

Well done Sean!