Jockey of the Month – January 2019

PUBLISHED: 07 February 2019

Jockey JAn 19


The Gold Circle Jockey Award for the month has been bestowed on Mark Khan.

Race riding is a dangerous game and back in 2010 injuries received in a fall resulted in Mark announcing his retirement from the sport he loved and which had brought him great success including five Champion Jockey titles.

A career that saw him riding for some of the country’s top stables and winning many of the leading races, he also rode successfully in a number of countries overseas which made his forced retirement all that harder. But he stayed close to racing as a racing manager and at the start of the season in August 2017 he was granted his riding license again.

Back in the saddle he is displaying his former talent with success and while Anton Marcus continues to dominate wherever he rides, Mark had a great month in January riding eight winners with another 14 of his mounts finishing in the money.

Good to have you back Mark and well done.