Jockey of the Month – February 2019

PUBLISHED: 11 March 2019

feb 19 Jockey


The Gold Circle Jockey Award for the month has been bestowed on Keagan De Melo.

It is impossible to look beyond Anton Marcus as the man to follow in South African racing at the moment as he shows his incredible talent and, in KwaZulu-Natal alone in the month, rode 13 winners.

But there were a number of good performances from other riders and Keagan was one of those that enjoyed a fair month. He finished high up on the jockey log in KwaZulu-Natal with six winners and another 21 placed rides representing a variety of stables including those of top trainers Duncan Howells, Dennis Drier and Dean Kannemeyer among others.

As a young apprentice he showed some positive qualities in performance and personality which contributed to his being chosen to represent South Africa at an international meeting in Qatar. Those qualities have attracted good and varied support over the years and saw him engaged for 52 rides in the month.

Well done Keagan