Greyville Wednesday 29/05/2019

PUBLISHED: 03 June 2019

Barrier trial 29/05/2019 Greyville poly 1000m

First Trial

1st Hot Money (Randolph/Whitehead A 56kg draw 2) Showed good zip, was kept to the task in the straight and continued to go well without exerting much energy. 57.87 seconds

2nd 0,25 Wolfgang (De Melo/Kannemeyer a 57kg draw 5) Smart colt with plenty of substance and after a slow start made up the ground well and strode out well. 57.9 seconds

3rd 0,30 Prince Of Venice (Kennedy/J J van Vuuren A 57kg draw 7) Good pace, nice big action and did it effortlessly throughout. 57.91 seconds

4th 6,30 Mouille Point (MoodleyPuller A 56kg draw 8) Showed fair pace, caught wide and had to be ridden to stay in touch with the front trio. 58.71 seconds.

5th 8,50 Ramsay (Veale/Drier S 57kg draw 3) Has substance and showed good pace, but was green around the bend. Displayed quite a nice big action in the straight and has scope. 59.02seconds.

6th 13,60 Open Market (Wright/Hill S 56kg draw 1) Green and outpaced but has some scope and could improve. 59.77 seconds.

7th 15,60 Malay (Samuel/Naidoo A 57kg draw 4) Driven from the off and showed some zip but couldn’t match the others. Stayed on and could improve. 60.05 seconds.     

8th 16,00 Irish Spring (Arries/Lunn s 56kg draw 6) Green around the turn and outpaced throughout. 60.11 seconds.

9th 17,50 War Office (Mgudlwa/Puller A 57kg draw 9) Outpaced and caught wide but stayed on and could improve. 60.32 seconds.

By David Thiselton