Greyville Wednesday 27/03/2019

PUBLISHED: 08 April 2019

Barrier Trial Greyville poly 1000m 27/03/2019

1st Thanksgiving (Khan/Howell MR97 A 59kg 7 draw 1) Showed his usual fine turn of foot and strode out superbly. 59.16 seconds

2nd 2,50 Runaway Gal (Hewitson B Crawford MR87 A t 58kg draw 1) Showed a good turn of foot from midfield and stayed on well. 59.53 seconds

3rd 7,30 Sigismund (Sakayi -1.5 kg/Gordon MR70 A t 59kg draw 2) Strode out well but could not match the front pair. 60.2 seconds

4th 8,20 African Apollo (Mjoka -1.5 kg/Howells A 59kg draw 9) This scopey sort dwelt and was last and green around the turn. He then stayed on with a big stride. 60.34 seconds

5th 8,60 Passivity (Samuel/Denysschen a 58kg draw 3) Athletic sort with scope and a nice action. Bumped and then baulked on the turn, shuffling her back, but then stayed on well. 60.4 seconds

6th 10,50 Sacred Ibis (Ramzan -4 kg/Puller A 56kg draw 6) Showed good gatespeed and early pace to lead. Was overtaken by older horses in the straight. 60.66 seconds

7th 10,65 Cop That (Gates -2.5 kg/Denysschen 58kg draw 10) Has a fair action and some pace. Raced wide and stayed on well in the straight. 60.71 seconds

8th 11,05 Divine Hugh (Jacobson/B Crawford S 59kg draw 12) Big horse showed good pace but was green and the penny still has to drop. 60.77 seconds

9th 11,85 Karoo Lark (Veale/Drier S 57kg draw 5) Squeezed out early but stayed on well with a nice big action and should do well over further. 60.9 seconds

10th 12,35 Mystic Dreamer (Brown/Bestel S 58kg draw 8) Has substance. Took a keen hold when dropped out, wide into the straight and stretched out well although didn’t have enough room to fully let herself down. 60.98 seconds

11th 13,85 Chrome Gypsy (De Melo/Kannemeyer A 56kg draw 11) Raced wide, threw the toe out but not much room. Will improve. 61.18 seconds

12th 15,10 Mouille Point (Mgudlwa/Puller A 56kg draw 4) Has some substance and a nice action. Showed some pace and stretched out well in the straight but never had much room. 61.38 seconds

By David Thiselton