Greyville Wednesday 22/05/2019

PUBLISHED: 03 June 2019

Barrier trial 22/05/2019 Greyville poly 1000m

1st Captain Elliodor (De Melo/Kannemeyer a 57kg draw 1) Slow away, good action and did it effortlessly throughout. 59.6 seconds

2nd 0,25 Stanton Street (Kennedy/G H Van Zyl S 57kg draw 5) Early pace, fair action, had to be shaken up in the straight but responded well. 59.63 seconds

3rd 0,40 Blonde Babe (Moodley/J J van Vuuren A 56kg draw 2) Fair pace, stayed on without being asked any questions. 59.7 seconds

4th 0,90 Declaration Of War (Dillon/Campbell A 57kg draw 6) Some substance and scope and fair action but was green and had to be ridden in the straight. 59.8 seconds

5th 2,65 Living Waters (Jacobson/G H Van Zyl S 57kg draw 11) Quite a nice big action and was not asked a lot. 60 seconds

6th 4,15 Eagles Vision (Veale/Drier S 57kg draw 12) Showed enough pace to overcome a wide draw. Was green but has substance and a fair action and plenty of scope for improvement. 60.3 seconds

7th 4,20 Chaumaso (Randolph/Drier S 57kg draw 8) Veered left at the start, losing ground, but has substance and a fair action and made up the ground without being asked any questions. Plenty of scope for improvement. 60.31 seconds

8th 5,00 Confessional (K Sakayi -1.5 kg/G H Van Zyl MR79 S 59kg draw 4) Appeared a bit reluctant and was found to be coughing. However, responded well to a reminder. 60.4 seconds

9th 10,50 Mr Winsome (Ngwane/Kannemeyer MR86 a 60kg draw 7) Raced unshod behind and with alumites in front and with ear muffs. Was dropped out and strode out nicely. 61.2 seconds

10th 12,60 Benino (Godden/Wright A 57kg draw 9) Dropped out but was green and the penny still has to drop. 61.6 seconds

11th 13,35 Fenda Fenda (Arries/G H Van Zyl S 57kg draw 10) Was dropped out and was unable to stay with them in the straight but could improve over further. 61.7 seconds

12th 14,35 Gibral De Roche (IRE) (Brown/G van Zyl (Jnr) s 57kg draw 3) Outpaced throughout and the penny still has to drop. 61.8 seconds

By David Thiselton