Greyville Wednesday 13/03/2019

PUBLISHED: 22 March 2019

Barrier Trial Greyville poly 1000m 13/03/2019

1st La Collossa (Jacobson/C van Zyl MR70 A 59kg draw 2) Jumped well and led throughout under a hold. Strode out well. 61.07 seconds

2nd 0,50 Itsapleasure (Kennedy/C van Zyl A 58kg draw 1) Was doing it easily, but had to be picked up in the straight. Fair action and threw the toe out. 61.15 seconds

3rd 6,00 Major Force (Mgudlwa/Puller A 57kg draw 3) Still unfurnished and has some scope. Green throughout and had to be pushed in the closing stages. 61.95 seconds

4th 6,40 Persona Grata (Brown/Dittmer S 59kg draw 5) Athletic sort with some scope. Jumped slowly and was green. Fair action and not asked a lot. 62.02 seconds

5th 9,40 Fort Eros (Moodley/Robinson A 59kg draw 6) Green and had to be encouraged to stay in touch in the straight. 62.46 seconds

6th 9,90 Provoking (Ramlugaan/G van Zyl (Jnr) s 56kg draw 9) Green throughout, the penny still has to drop. 62.55 seconds

7th 10,80 Cape Doctor (Wright/Hill A 57kg draw 7) High stride rate, showed signs of some zip but was green. Will improve. 62.68 seconds

8th 11,10 Colours (Samuel/Dittmer s 58kg draw 8) Awkward start, green and had to be pushed along in the straight. Will need further. 62.72 seconds

9th 15,10 Judd (Veale/Denysschen a 59kg draw 4) Slow away and green throughout, quite a rangy sort and will likely need further. 63.33 seconds

By David Thiselton