Greyville Wednesday 10/04/2019

PUBLISHED: 10 May 2019

Barrier trial Greyville poly 1000m 10/04/2019

1st Immortelle (Veale/Drier MR80 S 59kg draw 2) Stayed on well from a handy position.

2nd 1,90 Peace Again (Khan/Forbes MR64 A 59kg draw 8) Big horse, strode out well, but tired late. 59.45 seconds

3rd 1,95 Another Secret (Barnes/Bosch A 56kg draw 3) Lightly framed athletic sort, some pace and stayed on with a fair action. 59.46 seconds

4th 2,65 Blush Of Dawn (Mgudlwa/Puller  s 56kg draw 5) Well put together, has natural pace and a nice big action. 59.57 seconds

5th 4,65 Rasputin’s Remedy (Brown/Puller S 57kg draw 4) 59.86 seconds. Tall and still immature, outpaced but stayed on under driving.

6th 9,15 Western Path (Randolph/Whitehead A 58kg draw 6) Dwelt, showed some zip, but was green and couldn’t keep up. 60.5 seconds

7th 9,55 Sabina’s Dynasty (Wright/Crawford MR 106 S 59kg draw 10) Was just out for a pipe opener and was kept under a tight hold. 60.57 seconds

8th 11,55 Guru’s Pride (Zackey/C van Zyl  57kg draw 9) Tall and immature, was not asked to do a lot. 60.87 seconds

9th 13,55 Sharona (Jacobson/Rich  s 58kg draw 1) Green and outpaced. 61.2 seconds

10th 16,15 Capricia (Moodley/Anthony A 56kg draw 7) Green and outpaced. 61.59 seconds

By David Thiselton