Greyville Friday 19/04/2019

PUBLISHED: 10 May 2019

Graeme Hawkins

Barrier trial Greyville poly 1000m 19/04/2019

First Trial

1st Lady Caroline Lamb (W Kennedy/C D van Zyl 56kg Draw 4) Very nice type – scopey filly. Won Trial in very slow time.

2nd Wintertime 1.70 (B Jacobson/G van Zyl (Jnr) 56kg Draw 9) Ran on nicely to the line. Attractive filly with plenty of scope.

3rd Preferential 2.80 (T Godden/A Wright 56kg Draw 1) Caught the eye in the paddock. Moves well and is one for the notebook.

4th Castellano 4.05 (* K Sakayi -1.5 kg/G S Kotzen 56kg Draw 8) Stayed on at one-pace. Room for improvement. Fair trial.

5th Royal Kitty 4.20 (* L J Ferraris/A Wright 56kg Draw 7) Nice type. Seemed to need this trial quite badly and has plenty of scope for improvement.

6th Arctic Princess 4.30 (E S Ngwane/G S Kotzen 56kg Draw 6) Showed some pace – very green – will benefit from another Trial.

7th Treading Water 4.80 (S Brown/D S Bosch 57kg Draw 2) Seems quite temperamental – one-paced effort.

8th Pink Rose 4.85 (G Wright/W A Nel 58kg Draw 5) Appears to have a sway back and only time will tell! One-paced.

9th Noble Diana 10.35 (* T Gumede -4 kg/L W Goosen 56kg Draw 3) Small filly, lacking in scope. Showed pace but faded quickly. Poor trial.

Second Trial

1st Room At The Top (G Wright/W A Nel 60kg Draw 4) Went through his paces well – always in command.

2nd Winters Calling 2.00 (T Godden/A Wright 57kg Draw 1) 7Nice type – promising trial and worth following.

3rd Bold Phoenix 2.50(C Orffer/B Crawford 57kg Draw 8) Very nice colt – steady pace throughout and could be a smart sort in the making.

4th Blazing Pace 4.50 (*Y Ramzan -4 kg/G S Kotzen 57kg Draw 6) Not a bad trial – failed to quicken but appears to have scope for improvement.

5th Magic Bean 4.90 (W Kennedy/G van Zyl (Jnr) 56kg Draw 2) One-paced in the straight – could need further to be most effective.

6th Fred 5.80 (B Jacobson/B Crawford 57kg Draw 5) Good-looking colt but appeared in the ring to be on the “soft” side – possibly needs time!

7th King Mouse 7.10 (*X Jacobs -4 kg/G S Kotzen 57kg Draw 3) Bred for much further and sprinted up here accordingly.

8th Impressive Master 15.10 (*L J Ferraris/D S Bosch 57k Draw 7) Very poor trial – needs more experience and time.

9th Razza Del Toro 18.60 (E S Ngwane/G van Zyl (Jnr) 59kg Draw 9) Very poor trial – appears to have limited scope for improvement.

By Graeme Hawkins