Greyville Friday 03/05/2019

PUBLISHED: 10 May 2019

Barrier Trial Greyville poly 1000m 03/05/2019

1st Pickawinner (Zackey/Howells A 59kg draw 5) Strode out well throughout in the hands. 58.36 seconds

2nd 2,00 Plymouth Rock (Dillon/Campbell MR75 aC 60kg draw 6) Strode out well and not asked any questions. 58.67 seconds

3rd 7,00 Seventh Gear (De Melo/Kannemeyer a 57kg draw 4) Has substance and plenty of scope and showed some zip and a fair action. 59.5 seconds

4th 10,25 Dance Team (Lerena/Moore a 56kg draw 2) Was green and outpaced around the turn but stayed on with a fair action in the straight and can improve. 60.05 seconds

5th 10,75 Vivid Red (Schwarz/Wright A 56kg draw 1) Quick action but is immature and was green. 60.13 seconds

6th 16,75 Liliesleaf (Habib/Van Wyk s t 58kg draw 3) Dwelt, bumped, then showed some zip but was green and the penny still has to drop. 61.14 seconds

By David Thiselton