ComputaForm and ComputaForm Express Online Only

PUBLISHED: 29 April 2020



Phumelela is committed to doing everything possible to halt the spread of the coronavirus and has
therefore decided to suspend the printing of the ComputaForm and ComputaForm Express.

This decision has been taken whilst the entire racing value chain waits with bated breath on
government to decide whether racing can continue from Friday 1 May 2020.

Should racing get the green light, both the ComputaForm and ComputaForm Express will be
available online only – free of charge for punters worldwide – with immediate effect.

Both publications will be available on under the ComputaForm header on the
menu bar.

There will be a ComputaForm and ComputaForm Express option.
ComputaForm Express:
The simplified TAB totesheets will still be available at no charge at the following URLS:

On the day:
Phumelela Publishing will ensure current online subscribers who have paid in advance will not lose

Any credit on their accounts will remain in place until such time as the printed edition is
resumed and the online edition is again limited to subscribers.
Phumelela Publishing understand that there are punters who prefer the printed hardcopy, but in
these trying times, desperate measures will become the order of the day, no matter how
For now, there is no alternative.

RELEASED BY: Phumelela Gaming